The SDGs as a medium- to long-term business strategy

We are facing many social issues in our daily lives, including climate change, pollution, rapid urbanization and widening inequality. The world has high expectations for companies to solve social issues, which we can see in missions such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs*) set by the United Nations. In response to this, business activities from the perspective of the SDGs, such as achieving carbon neutrality and developing products and services that contribute to safe and secure societies, are a central part of AISIN Group's medium- and long-term business strategies, and we will further accelerate our initiatives to solve social issues in future.

*SDGs:Sustainable Development Goals

Key sustainability activities

1 Contribution to resolution of social issues through business activities
(accomplishment of SDGs for FY2031)

2 All employees involved in initiatives for SDGs and ESG

3 Building of engagement with stakeholders

Framework for implementation

Framework for implementation
Framework for implementation

Sustainability Conference

Frequency Generally once per year
Chairperson President and Corporate Officer

Sustainability Promotion Office, Corporate Planning Division

In addition to full-time members, this conference is attended by members of departments that are closely involved in initiatives for the SDGs and members selected from main group companies in each area of the group’s business.

Main agenda

・Decision, rollout and follow-up of SDGs strategies, KPIs and targets based on social needs from a medium- to long-term perspective

・Initiatives to improve sustainability, etc.